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You can now start your car with Android Auto

BMW is the first manufacturer to take advantage of Android Auto’s new car key functions. In addition to this particular option, Google has also improved the app and added new features to Android.

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The key to Tesla, it is often the smartphone of its owner. So as not to make anyone jealous, Google has just offered this possibility with its application Android Auto. But be careful, to benefit from it, you have to combine several criteria. On the smartphone side, it must be a Pixel 6, or 6 Pro, or a Samsung Galaxy S21. Regarding the car, it is not just any. The application will only work with BMWs produced between 2020 to 2022. This frankly reduces the panel of people who can use this process. For the very practical side, it will also be possible to share the car key with a loved one if necessary.

In addition to this very special function, Android Auto is also undergoing a major overhaul of its options. The app improves to become fully usable without hands. Android Auto can now be displayed directly and automatically on the compatible dashboard from the moment the smartphone has already been associated with the car. To play music directly, a button is available on the home page. Likewise, the search for titles is made easier. Finally, to avoid having to dictate messages, Android Auto offers new smart response options for SMS.

Android brings to the table

Besides Android Auto, Google also added new features on Android. This is particularly the case with a function called Family Bell. This involves making announcements to other family members at home to call them over to eat, for example. In addition to broadcasting the call to connected speakers, the message also reaches smartphones. Another novelty, with the management of permissions applications. These can be reset automatically on older Android phones, when the apps have not been used for a long time.

A process that improves safety and confidentiality data on old smartphones with Android 6 for example. Finally, Google added new Widgets for Android 12. All these new functions will be rolled out gradually in the coming months.

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