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What are the applications of VPNs in the private and professional spheres?

Virtual private networks or VPNs. They are in the conversations of tech aficionados but their rationale may seem unclear to some. Is this service only for insiders? Or can anyone sign up for an offer?

Questions about virtual private networks? Futura editorial review applications possible VPNs and who knows, it might make you want to test this service, whether for private or business use.

A definition is needed

Anonymity. Confidentiality. Security. If we had to choose three words to briefly describe what a VPN is, here is our selection.

In other words, VPNs are a secure channel that connects to Internet quite untraceable. This avoids, for example, interference or spying on data that travels between your devices and the Internet.

Technically, the IP address (which identifies the location of each device) is hidden and all information is encrypted.

VPNs in the private sphere

Do you often order on the Internet? Using a VPN helps secure your online payments. In addition, smartphones also contain possible flaws depending on the applications downloaded. By choosing a VPN suitable for smartphones as well, you can carry out all your transactions with peace of mind from your phone. However, be sure to choose reliable and trusted sites for shopping online.

VPNs also provide the ability to access services that are constrained by geographic restrictions. One of the most common examples is accessing the catalogs of streaming which differ from one country to another depending on the regulations. Likewise, if you are staying in a country where connection to certain sites is limited or even censored. VPNs bypass these blockages and open the field of possibilities …

Finally, be aware that some VPNs include ad blocking. This additional protection is ideal for ensuring your privacy and preventing malvertising.

One of the most frequent questions remains the price. Is it expensive? Not that much, especially considering the peace of mind and the immense possibilities offered by this type of service. Count between 5 and 10 € per month depending on the formula. But the easiest way to find the most competitive offer is to compare VPN providers or consult customer reviews.

And for professionals?

For professionals and companies, choosing a VPN is to fight against cybercrime. Some companies are vulnerable and become targets for hackers. They use all means to extract sensitive data and use it to their advantage: phishing, ransom, hacking … Virtual private networks are efficient devices for browsing, exchanging or transferring information without fear.

Secure a connection on a wifi audience can also be very convenient for freelancers or professionals who like to work outside of their premises or home. In the coffee-shops, in the coworking spaces or in transit at the airport for business trips … it is essential to be able to use an Internet connection without risking intrusion.

Regardless of the size of the company, the choice of a high-performance VPN becomes both a selling point (to reassure customers) but also for employees since the risk of malicious intrusions is reduced.

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