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How to properly buy and maintain your car?

After real estate, the purchase of a car is the most important expense of a household. It is true that a car is a good that lasts between 5 and 10 years, and sometimes more. How to be sure to make the right choice? Practical answers.

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Buying a car deserves some thought. New or used vehicle? Before undertaking a purchase, several elements should be considered such as use, budget and cost of maintenance.

How to buy your car well?

If the influence of advertising is not to be demonstrated in this area, the acquisition of a car must be carefully considered. Indeed, a rational purchase is the one that is appropriate in the long term. For this, you must define your type of purchase, your needs and your budget.

How to define your type of purchase?

The automotive sector is developing in two types of market: new and used.

If the purchase of new vehicles has slowed down in recent years, it is on the rise again with technological innovations. Customizing your vehicle as much as possible and benefiting from the latest equipment are the main advantages of a new purchase. However, the delivery time may be long.

The second-hand market follows that of new. It is, however, quite unusual. The used vehicle market covers both sales between individuals and sales by companies. The latter allows the purchase of a used car guaranteed by professionals. It is the safest choice. The big advantages of the second-hand market relate to the attractiveness of the prices, the quality-price ratio and the availability.

How to define your needs?

Unless you just want to be like everyone else, you are buying your vehicle for a specific purpose. Clearly defining your goals allows you to clearly identify your needs. The main questions to ask are:

  • How many kilometers will I travel?
  • Will I be driving mainly in town or for long distances?
  • Will I soon change my lifestyle (moving house, baby, new job…)?
  • How much can I spend on this purchase?
  • What accessories are useful to me (air conditioning, driving assistant, reversing cameras, etc.)?

How to calculate your budget?

Owning a car comes with everyday costs. The total cost of the acquisition depends on three elements: price, taxation and usage.

The price of a car corresponds to an overall value. This is partly its purchase price, but also its residual value in the event of resale. This value is ephemeral, but makes it possible to anticipate a next purchase.

Taxation depends on each country. In general, vehicles are subject to taxes for driving. In some countries, vehicles are also subject to injunctions related to their emission quantity of pollutants.

Finally, using a vehicle involves regular costs. Gasoline, maintenance, parking fees or even the insurance and fines, involve a significant cost. These costs vary according to the overall use, but also the car model.

How to properly maintain your car?

To preserve your car as long as possible and avoid breakdowns, interviews careful attention is needed. Frequent personal maintenance ensures that the vehicle is in good general condition. A regular visit to the garage guarantees optimal condition of the mechanics.

How to maintain your car on a daily basis?

Without having to run to the garage, certain regular checks avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • checking fluids (water, oil, windshield washer fluid, etc.);
  • checking tire inflation;
  • the integrity of the body;
  • the operation of the headlight bulbs;
  • the integrity of the glazing.

In the event of anomalies, a detour or an appointment with a mechanic is urgent.

How to choose your car garage?

For the maintenance of your car, going to a professional is essential. There are dealerships that only work on their brand and independent garages that repair all brands.

The advantage of the dealers is the perfect knowledge of your car model. They have the original parts quite easily, but they are often expensive.

The advantage of independent garages is undoubtedly their prices. However, the quality of these garages varies widely, with the worst mixed with the best. It is best to consult a garage comparator to know which one to trust.

Buying and maintaining a car doesn’t happen in a hurry. Thinking about your purchase, budgeting for it and calling on qualified professionals are the keys to the success of your purchase. Remember that a car is an enduring asset. Invest as carefully as you would in properties.

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