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Here is the biggest steak in the world 3D printed

Many start-up have embarked in recent years in the culture of meat in vitro, supposed to be greener and more ethical than real meat. Except that producing a real steak, a mixture of muscle cells, fat cells and nerves This is no small feat, and the samples obtained so far have taken a long time to grow and very expensive (over $ 50 for a mini-slice of a few grams). The Israeli start-up MeaTech 3D today claims to have produced the largest steak ever 3D printed (104 grams, the size of a classic steak), using a “bio-ink” made up of muscle cells and fat.

« This is a big step forward in matter complexity and size of a cultivated steak », Congratulations Seren Kell, du Good Food Institute (GFI), in an interview with Guardian. « L’impression 3D allows to create whole products, more sophisticated and able to reproduce the taste, the texture and the mouth feel of conventional meat “. MeaTech 3D aims for a production cost at the same price as conventional meat and construction a pilot plant in 2022. It is also working on printing pork and chicken meat using the same technique.

Not sure, however, that the cultured meat is the ideal replacement for real meat. Many other start-ups, such as Beyond Meat or HappyVore, rely instead on vegetable meat that imitates animal meat to perfection. A less expensive process but which also requires multiple transformations. What if we went back to our real steaks by simply reducing our consumption?


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