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Dronut X1, the drone that looks like a spaceship

Cleo Robotics has just launched its new drone, the Dronut X1. This small device looks like science fiction thanks to a very original shape: the propellers are placed in the center of the device to make it more compact and safer.

The US military tests a squadron of 103 mini autonomous drones In the United States, the Department of Defense successfully tested a group of 103 microdrones dropped from three fighter jets. Driven by artificial intelligence, these little 16-centimeter-long craft have demonstrated their ability to fly in formation and make decisions to adapt to circumstances.

Here is a flying device that looks like it came straight out of a Star Wars. This little drone which fits on the palm of one hand gives the impression of levitating. The company’s Dronut X1 Cleo Robotics is a donut-shaped double helix drone, with the rotor placed in the center.

The main advantage of its particular shape is in terms of safety. Rather than putting rotors at the four corners, its two propellers are protected by the body of the device. It can therefore fly close to people without risk of injury and tolerates collisions. The Dronut X1 can also be used to inspect sensitive equipment without fear of damaging it.

See the Dronut X1 in action, a donut-shaped drone that is safe for people and equipment around. © Cleo Robotics

A device designed to inspect narrow passages

This drone is also very compact. Despite its small size, it embarks a camera 4K and can broadcast live video stream. The device was designed for environments without GPS, and navigates thanks to the Lidar which allows him to obtain a three-dimensional representation of his environment. The Dronut X1 weighs only 425 grams and can squeeze through passages that are too narrow for others drones. To speed maximum is 4 m / s, with an autonomy of 12 minutes, and it can withstand vents going up to 15 km / h. It is controlled via Wi-Fi with a smartphone Android, and thus benefits from a range of up to one kilometer.

The first version of this drone, the Dronut, was released in 2020 but was then reserved for the military and law enforcement. This new version is available to the general public, at least to those who can afford it. It will still take 9,800 dollars, or about 8,700 euros .

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