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The hybrid car is well and truly in tune with the times. Equipped with a heat engine and an electric motor, it offers many advantages. What should you know about the different types of hybridization, is it more ecological and why go through an auto agent for your purchase?

The hybrid car sector experienced strong growth in the first months of 2021. The reasons? A densified offer and purchasing aid allocated to certain models of hybrid cars and plug-in hybrids.

How does a hybrid car work?

A hybrid car is a car that uses two types of engine. It has a heat engine, which is most often a gasoline engine, and an electric motor. To buy a hybrid car, or a plug-in hybrid vehicle, it is possible to go through an auto agent to benefit from a discount. This type of vehicle has many significant advantages, especially for professionals and individuals wishing to save money. The hybrid car thus makes it possible to drive without constantly using the conventional heat engine.

The main advantage of the hybrid car is the fuel savings that it is possible to perform. Indeed, the fuel consumption with a hybrid car is on average 4 L / 100 km against a minimum of 6 L / 100 km for a regular car. It allows to reduce its energy consumption, and consequently, to decrease the expenses related to the purchase of fuel.

What are the differences between the hybrid and the plug-in hybrid?

There are several electric hybridization technologies with purchase costs that can vary from single to double.

Also called ” mild-hybrid ”Or“ 48-volt hybrid ”, light hybridization does not allow driving in 100% electric mode. This type of hybrid model works with a permanent activation of the gasoline engine, the electric motor serving as occasional support. The purpose of the electric motor is therefore to assist the gasoline engine during low-speed acceleration, when the performance of a gasoline engine is less good. Light hybridization consumes 10% less fuel, and emits 10% less emissions than a vehicle with an equivalent combustion engine.

A hybrid car, or ” full hybrid », Also has a diesel or gasoline engine as the main power source. This type of hybrid vehicle has an electric motor that is more powerful than the mild hybridization. This power allows it to ensure 100% electric use on its own, over a short distance and at a limited speed. Hybrid vehicles offer -40% fuel consumption, and up to -30% CO emissions2.

As its name suggests, the plug-in hybrid car is a hybrid car that can be recharged by plugging it into a household electrical outlet, or on a public terminal. Like other hybrid models that can be purchased from an auto agent, the plug-in hybrid combines a combustion engine and an electric motor. Plug-in hybrid cars feature higher capacity batteries than regular hybrids. As a result, they can travel longer distances in 100% electric mode. These vehicles are ideal for everyday and unconstrained use, especially for getting to work without consuming a drop of fuel.

Is the hybrid car really ecological?

Hybrid technology, in particular plug-in hybrid vehicles, is at the heart of several debates. Wrongly, this type of vehicle is accused of very high consumption. Rechargeable hybridization is a technology that does have ecological advantages, provided you know how to use it correctly. The environmental performance of this type of vehicle is closely linked to its use and the actions adopted by the driver.

To make the purchase of a hybrid vehicle interesting from an environmental point of view, it is recommended to run as much as possible on electric and as little as possible on fuel. The majority of plug-in hybrids offer a 100% electric range of 40 to 50 kilometers. This type of hybrid car is ideal for reaching your workplace without requiring the relay of the electric motor. On the contrary, if the driver adopts a sporty driving style and makes long journeys, the hybrid vehicle is not a ecological choice.

To complete your ecological gesture, it is also advisable to charge your hybrid vehicle at green electricity. Indeed, a large part of the ecological impact depends on how the electricity is produced.

How to buy a car at the best price?

Buying a hybrid or plug-in hybrid car requires taking into account many parameters. Among them, the price represents one of the data most studied by future buyers. To benefit from advantageous rates, it is possible to use an auto agent. The auto agent makes it possible to purchase a classic vehicle, a hybrid car or a plug-in hybrid vehicle at a lower cost thanks to a high discount.

Entrusting your car purchase to an auto agent is ideal for getting support from the start to the end of your car project. The mission of the auto agent is to obtain the best price for the purchase of a car, new or used, and to take charge of various administrative steps (registration, registration, installation of plates, etc.). Car warranties are identical to those that can be obtained after a purchase from a dealer, because it is the manufacturer’s warranty.

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